Sunday, June 9, 2013

More on detox and healing


On this path of Reiki healing and teaching, all the experiences coming my way have helped me tremendously in the expansion of my understanding of life. In a recent healing of a friend's family I sensed related issues that went back in time and a lot of stuck energy was released.
As a healer I too went through a lot of detoxification
It would seem that I had a viral attack but I had a deep knowingness of what  had happened. There was unfinished business of "rage, un-shed tears and unspoken words of anger and huge amounts of helplessness". All this manifested itself as fever, throat pain, body ache and loss of inner strength with helplessness.
Related to the metaphysical causes of an illness I am sharing a link for all.

This link provides all the mental-emotional issues related to various physical symptoms.

Another huge aspect of healing has come to the fore. As humans we are bound to family and friends and wish well for all. Combined this with the fact that as a healer we automatically want to heal; there is nothing wrong with that but it may have certain unpleasant outcomes depending on what is your vested interest in the healing and who is being offered the healing.

My recent experience has made me learn the following lessons:-

1. Do not ever offer to heal unless asked for.
2. Take proper energy exchange to eliminate
    any feelings of "a major obligation" done. 
3. Under any circumstances do not allow your emotions
    to get entangled in the healing process or energies.
4. Ensure that there is a closure on the issue once the
    healing is done.


  1. I am not very clear on point 4, please expand on the same.

    1. Dear Madhukar,
      Normally when we heal strangers, it is easy to disconnect mentally and emotionally once they either discontinue or get better. With friends and family we continue with strands of mental and emotional attachments and that can cause problems for the healer.