Saturday, March 9, 2013

9th March, 2013


Quite a few cases of nerve problems have come for healing recently. This has led me to wonder as to what is getting on everybody’s nerves!
Life has so much to offer these days, there is so much to do all the time and so many choices. A typical Sunday is spent in taking enough rest , finishing incomplete household chores, going out with family, giving time to our hobbies and doing ‘our own thing’ and ‘trying to finish that book which is so interesting but can’t seem to find the time to finish it’.
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Then comes along my daughter’s creative writing assignment and she has addressed the issue which is on my mind these days. I am posting a 12 year old’s take on our busy bustling life.


Sundays are supposed to be a holiday right?  A holiday from all the work and toil that we have to go through the whole week. So if it is a holiday then why must this absurd bell ring every five minutes? 
I keep on trying to finish my book but no one seems to want to let me finish it. So far, I have had to go to the door for the milkman, driver, maids, cook, librarian, cookie sellers, newspapers and dog walker. God knows how many more are to come? Every time someone comes, I do my work with them. Then they leave and I sit down outside on my bench next to my tall plants and my comfortable cushions and my lamp. The moment I sit down and open my book….Ding Dong!!! There the bell goes again. I have barely read five pages! If this keeps happening then…......
Ding Dong!!!!
That blasted shameless creature! I heave a great sigh and go to the door. Hoping that this won’t take long. I open the door and…this is going to take long. 
My neighbours have come with a huge blundering cake.
“You must try this cake! It’s absolutely spiffing!!” They cry.
 I swallow down my frustration and bring a very forced smile on my lips.
“Absolutely! Give it to me and I will finish it before you can say ‘cake’.”
Yeah. Right !
The neighbours are extremely stubborn. They didn’t leave until I had finished the whole cake and given a full critical feedback. Even with a signature!!

I plop back on my bench. Now I have switched off my calling bell. Hopefully, I won’t be killing anyone today out of sheer anger.

Thank you.
- Anwesha Mitra