Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Give Time To Yourself

Regular practice of Reiki brought one very precious thing in my life and that was to slow down. All our life we keep running, completing tasks, keep appointments, meet deadlines, make social visits, the list is unending. How many times I would ask for more than 24 hours in a day. I was a slave of the clock. Some part of me would ask if all this was so important but I would ignore that voice. Till one day when I just gave up trying to keep up with the clock. Minimum compliance of reaching for work on time was the only thing I maintained. Rest of the stress of being quick and on time, I simply dumped it in the garbage can. This helped me immensely to have another perspective of my life and I began to have more time for things 'I wanted to do' rather than all the time doing 'what others wanted me to do.
Practicing Reiki calmed me down and led to a few 'out of the body experiences'. The pure moment of bliss in those moments have begun to replicate even when I am not meditating. It happens more and more when I am reading poetry or penning  down my thoughts in verse. Some thoughts on why I am slow.......

They say I am slow
I am slow as I wait...
I wait till the smiles reach the eyes.
I take time to appreciate 
all the lows and highs.
I wait for the tears to turn into joys.
I linger upon the shadows of sunshine,
playing on the leaves and boughs.
I am slow to be in sync 
with the spirit of life itself.  
I wait for the pain to turn into grief 
and slice through me 
 breaking all ties.
I am slow 
as I am in no hurry
to reach the skies.
They say I am slow
but being slow is good for me.