Sunday, May 15, 2011

Energy dynamism

The past and the present have the potential to create a certain future. Our past and present is nothing but an accumulation of energies of our thoughts and actions. No energy gets wasted or is ineffective.
As per Newton’s third law of every action having a potential reaction, the energies of our thoughts and actions do go into creating a certain future. We cannot overlook the existence of opposing forces of dark and light energy which may thwart the happening of a certain future. These opposing forces are unforeseen and uncontrollable.
Herein we can bring in the concept of duality, the existence of which is inevitable in the universe. In our desire to create a future for ourselves we cannot ignore the dark energies which are like the other side of the coin. Darkness and light work side by side and are reflected in the unforeseen and uncontrollable factors present in the intricate programming and execution of this phenomenon called life.
As touched upon in my last post, our major struggle comes through relationships. It is a very complex area and the play of energies there can be very difficult to understand and deal with.
I would like to share my learning and understanding in this area.
As humans we need energy all the time and we all feed on it in different ways.

None of the above stated ways are right or wrong, they are appropriate for each of us in different ways. Each of us take and give energy in the way which is very specific to us. This probably gets decided by who we are inherently, our upbringing and what we discover about ourselves and others along the way.

Our awareness of our methods of energy dynamism makes things easier for us. It also gives us a choice of either getting into any exchanges or stay away from it. In cases where an interaction is inevitable we can still bring in an element of detachment to maintain our equanimity.

Finally I am reminded of this song which talks of energy sustenance through spreading smiles……किसी के मुस्कुराहटों पे हो निसार.......

Music heals..........


  1. Great post, Ranjani. Very thought-provoking.
    1. The chart you have posted (in my opinion) points to the *negative* ways of seeking energy. Even the aspect of "seeking love and appreciation" comes across as a dependence on the forces of external approval. This may not be applicable to a lot of people. Some have moved to a level of consciousness where what others think and say no longer affects their lives.
    2. Seeking energy through relationships is a sure-shot path to disaster because it externalises the source which should, rightly or wrongly, come from within us. Creativity, or faith, are to me great sources of energy. The minute I look to a spouse, a parent, a sibling or a friend for energy, I am potentially becoming an energy vampire!
    3. Human behaviour is not in our control. Why a person behaves the way they do depends a lot on their genetic makeup, the way they were raised and on how strongly they seek to evolve mentally. But it is up to us to choose our engagements with people: with the ones who love and appreciate us, as well as with the energy vampires who came to us in the guise of friends but got transmogrified somewhere along the way. I, for one, believe in ruthless severing of ties. we have only one life to live, and must guard our energy from those who seek to impede our spiritual progress.

  2. Hi Ranjani,

    I am not so much in agreement with "ruthless severing of ties" as "giving" love and appreciation (instead of seeking) is from within and has no external dependence.

    Basically what I am saying is that you get in a relationship what you give to it.

  3. Couple of issues I see here:

    A) It's true that we get fed energetically through our relationships, as with everything else in life. But this energy need not be negative only. For what is negative but the other side of positive! How we get fed is entirely up to us?

    B) Creativity, Religion, being with Spiritual Groups etc. too are external sources of energy. We become energy vampires when we become dependent on these sources too. A Reiki Master can also become an energy vampire if he/she is totally dependent on the need to have a constant stream of students/patients etc. for survival.

    C) In my opinion no-one gets into relationships with the express intention of seeking energy. Relationships just happen - because of the family that we have 'chosen' to be born into or through the people that we attract.

    D) Ruthless severing of ties may end one particular relationship on the surface, but this is generally replaced by attracting the same energies in another human being.

    E) Relationships are not there to impede our spiritual progress but they are there to help us evolve spiritually. Being in relationships is part of the Spiritual Journey itself. Relationships serve us even if there is a lot of pain and suffering. The fact is that the ones who cause the greatest pain are potentially the best teachers that we can have - only if we are able to see that.

    And so it is.


  4. Energy is is our perception and belief systems that classify them as negative or positive....more important is how we digest the energies that others project towards us...infact life is simple but people in the name of spirituality want to make things complicated...