Sunday, May 15, 2011

Energy dynamism

The past and the present have the potential to create a certain future. Our past and present is nothing but an accumulation of energies of our thoughts and actions. No energy gets wasted or is ineffective.
As per Newton’s third law of every action having a potential reaction, the energies of our thoughts and actions do go into creating a certain future. We cannot overlook the existence of opposing forces of dark and light energy which may thwart the happening of a certain future. These opposing forces are unforeseen and uncontrollable.
Herein we can bring in the concept of duality, the existence of which is inevitable in the universe. In our desire to create a future for ourselves we cannot ignore the dark energies which are like the other side of the coin. Darkness and light work side by side and are reflected in the unforeseen and uncontrollable factors present in the intricate programming and execution of this phenomenon called life.
As touched upon in my last post, our major struggle comes through relationships. It is a very complex area and the play of energies there can be very difficult to understand and deal with.
I would like to share my learning and understanding in this area.
As humans we need energy all the time and we all feed on it in different ways.

None of the above stated ways are right or wrong, they are appropriate for each of us in different ways. Each of us take and give energy in the way which is very specific to us. This probably gets decided by who we are inherently, our upbringing and what we discover about ourselves and others along the way.

Our awareness of our methods of energy dynamism makes things easier for us. It also gives us a choice of either getting into any exchanges or stay away from it. In cases where an interaction is inevitable we can still bring in an element of detachment to maintain our equanimity.

Finally I am reminded of this song which talks of energy sustenance through spreading smiles……किसी के मुस्कुराहटों पे हो निसार.......

Music heals..........

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Healing through relationships

When we talk about healing, specifically holistic healing then we cannot ignore the sense of well being at our mental and emotional levels. Most of our emotional turmoil emerges from various relationships.

Beginning with relationship with ourselves; our intra-personal skills are tested all the time. Who are we ? What are our needs in terms of 'recognition of our identity' ?

life is constantly exposing us to a plethora of interaction with people in our families, work place, friend circle....the list is unending and most of our pleasure and pain comes from this area.
As humans we love, hate, enjoy, feel sad, laugh and cry over all our relationships.

Some relationships can be very complex and their essence eludes us, akin to unraveling a huge mass of tangled thread. They frustrate and confuse us to such an extent that all seems lost.

The ones which are pure and innocent like a baby's laugh energize us with unlimited joy. These relationships have no name, their fragrance lights up even the dullest days. One song which has put all these feelings succinctly.......

कोई सच्चे ख्वाब दिखा कर आँखों में समां जाता है

यह रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है
जब सूरज थकने लगता है और धुप सिमटने लगती है
कोई अनजानी सी चीज़ मेरी साँसों से लिपटने लगती है
मैं दिल के करीब आ जाती हूँ दिल मेरे करीब आ जाता है
यह रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है
इस गुमसुम झील के पानी में कोई मोती आकर गिरता है
इक दायरा बनने लगता है और बढ़के भंवर बन जाता है
यह रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है
तस्वीर बनाती रहती हूँ मैं टूटी हुई आवाजों पर
इक चेहरा ढूँढती रहती हूँ दीवारों पर भी दरवाजों पर
मैं अपने पास नहीं रहती और दूर से कोई बुलाता है
यह रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है................

"Music inspires, expresses and heals"