Saturday, October 2, 2010

Healing through the chakras....

This post is on request from my dearest friend, Geetali Tare.
She had a few questions like what are chakras, function and purpose of chakras, obstacles to the chakras etc.
So, where do I start from……
All we have to do is google the word, chakra and huge amount of information on chakras is available. There can be a beginning in ‘knowing’ the chakras but no end; it’s like diving into the deep sea. There is so much to know and understand. I would rather like to share my perceptions and feelings about the chakras.
As the name indicates, it is a wheel. I call it the wheel of energy flow. They are like turbines in our system, which blend the Universal vital life energy into our endocrine system for our continuous and smooth performance at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels.
I have seen the chakras look like the orbits of the planetary system, reflecting the macrocosmic mystery of the movement. They all move in the anti-clockwise movement. So do our chakras.

Our system is made up of 72000 nadis and chakras, including all the major and minor chakras.
The 9 major chakras are the ones I scan when I heal. Every chakra has its own qualities and specific role; each has a different story to tell about a person. The chakras combined with the Aura of a person help the healer to locate the blocks as well as the causes of the dis-ease.
The aura is the energy or magnetic field emanating from every individual. It comprises of 7 levels of consciousness or etheric energy layers, which are the etheric body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, past mental body, past emotional body, past physical body. The last three layers contain the past life memories and healers can tap into these for healing purpose.

The movement of the chakras gets affected by any block, imbalance, trauma, shocks, fears, past lives’ unresolved issues etc; at these etheric layers. The vital life energy is deflected, stuck or their movements become sluggish and dense, which are manifested in physical symptoms of dis-ease.

So what does a Reiki healer do to ‘heal’ with the help of chakra movements? As a channel we allow energy to pass through us to the person. Our systems are quite capable of self-healing and allowing more energy simply improves this ability. Channeling Reiki into a person’s aura and chakras removes the blocks and enables a free, smooth, swift and clear flow of energies. All the elements of fire, earth, water and air blend into each other in a beautiful balanced way; dancing with joy and rhythm of life.
In my experience of various healings I have come to the conclusion that we all have to resolve all our issues at a spiritual level as a block at this level percolates to the other levels, finally getting manifested at the physical level. Whether we do it consciously or not we all are on a journey of spiritual growth. The ones who have chosen to learn spiritual lessons from all the experiences are enjoying the journey in their knowingness……….

The music of river teaches us to live and I would like to share this video of “nothing remains the same and everything returns-like the river….live in the present and resolve your issues”


  1. Thank you for this enlightening piece. Would love to hear in greater detail about each chakra and your healing experiences with regard to each one. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for posting this will help me!! want to get in touch with you!!

  3. Great! This is really informative! Thanks for sharing.


  4. I agree Ranjani-
    there is something about the circle symbol itself that is beyond understanding-
    But I have felt the energy and spiritual strength in many places-like the mother's temple at Auroville.There they say that the architecture reflects the physical being of chakras.

  5. Please view this with the proper perspective:

    72000 nadis - who knows?? I mean, who has counted them. And if it is true, then is it a fact that all of them are functional in ALL HUMANS..If yes, then will that not make us all Balanced Healthy Humans. And if they are not, then how do the nadis get activated/become functional..

    These questions invariably come to mind whenever I come across intellectual discussions about these issues. I know I have taught you a few of these things myself. But are these really relevant today??


  6. Thank you Makker Sir for giving us your perspective. I have had long discussions with you regarding this. At the moment I will say that all our questions cannot be answered by intellect, in such moments I like to fall back on my deep faith and I do get some answers and insights.
    Yes, we are not sure if there are 72000 nadis. With continuous practice of Reiki I do find that I am able to live my life with better understanding, facing the light and darkness in a balanced manner......

  7. I think that in some respects, understanding about Reiki (including nadis and chakras) is like astrology - there are some facts and some conjectures, which may have been proved sometime in the past or may be proved later. It is a matter of belief and faith. Also, knowledge is only as good as the knower.
    My take on this is, whether your intellect is satisfied with it or not, if and as long as, it remains a force/knowledge which helps you bring balance in your life and take everything that happens to you in your stride, it is okay. One should just be on guard against mis-use of this knowledge or its use as an excuse. But again, on second thoughts, so what if someone does so?!!

  8. Loved the last line,'nothing remains the same........'. Almost like what goes around comes back...............

    by a mail to me.........