Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Conflict leads to growth…..

Why does conflict happen?
Is it destructive?
Why is it so important that we all should accept each other's perspective?
How does Reiki help in conflict situations?

Conflict leads to vibrations, which consists of energies of disagreements.
Vibration releases energy, too much vibration results in excess unused energy. This causes stress and imbalances in the environment.

One has to have a great self control and understanding to be able to control these vibrations of conflict. It requires the ability to stand behind the short wall in order to mentally and emotionally move away from the situation and see the larger picture. This step enables us to watch the play of various energies with a certain sense of detachment. This in turn leads to a stillness and silence of the soul.

The soul’s stillness and silence creates heightened awareness for deep introspection and see others' perspective very clearly…..
This does not happen easily, it requires huge amount of will power and ability to ignore the voice of our ego.

Using the Reiki energy in such a situation allows the mind and emotions come into a state of balance and achieve the calmness and stillness of the soul. In that calmness we need to hear our inner voice to learn. The deeper understanding of the learning in the conflict situation takes us to the higher level of existence or consciousness.

Conflict is a process, a means to an end. It leads to growth……


  1. I love this one..its so meaningful !!

  2. love it .. so happens with time ...

  3. love it ranjani... i guess it has to come with time...

  4. Therefore it means that stand behind the short wall is beneficial in getting rid of ego related issues. perfect example. thanks Ranjani

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  6. vividly explained ... thanks for the insight ..

  7. Amen to all that you have written. I am just learning to stand behind the short wall and think about a situation without letting ego colour my thoughts and feelings.

    These things are easy to understand but I find them difficult to implement in real life...but I am learning and they are getting happens with time....

  8. Dear Madam,

    A few days ago, i was working on my new reiki goals for self imoprovment & lo ! here comes your blog for one of them ! Many thanks, it came very timely. I believe very strongly in what you said above. Reiki helps us to improve upon our own personal weaknesses like ego issues, envy/comparison, grumbling, etc. It's actually a discovery for me that Reiki heals the darker part of our mind which is hidden within all of us. We all know our weaknesses very well & Reiki can heal all these. Thanks to Reiki. Thanks to you Madam, Thanks to the Founder of this wonderful thing - Dr. Mikhao Usi.

  9. Some conflict is necessary. Especially when it relates to standing up for something one believes in... Not all the time, only *some* of the time.

  10. Life is a balance and it needs everything in order for that balance to remain. Just like we cannot always eat only sweet things, so also we cannot only live with positive emotions. When there is conflict, it gives us a better perspective on peace.
    Thank you, Ranjini. Beautiful piece!