Friday, February 24, 2012

Music in Reiki and Reiki in Music

Music is a part of our life.

It is within us and around us; in the whispering of the breeze, rustle of leaves, chirping of the birds, clattering of rainfall on the roofs, sound of hooves of galloping horses, sound of the wheels of a train on the tracks and so on..........

No one can fathom the musical dance of joy of our soul in ecstasy. In that moment all the sounds around us are in rhythm, singing with the passion of being in love with life itself.

It is the life in music and the music in life which keeps us going. To be in sync with this is a way of being in unison with our inner being.

Music therapy involves listening to music which helps in balancing the chakras. I had already experienced the soothing effect of music on jarred and tired nerves. A session of Reiki with the melifluous sound of flute in the background amounts to a great healing experience with a sense of equilibrium.

Time has come to move forward and learn singing to energise the chakras with musical notes, the highs and the lows of the pitch and the tone. It is said that when the student is ready to learn the teacher appears. I am lucky to be learning music from Shri Matang Parikh, son of Pt Krishnakant Parikh and disciple of Shri Hariharan. His way of teaching the techniques of rendition makes the procedure of singing so easy. Holding and releasing the breath while singing, the exact pronounciation of the swaras and the feeling in music helps me to sing in rhythm and tune.

The first round of sessions ended in major detoxification and I had to take a break. Major symptoms of cold and cough, clogged sinus and breathlessness appeared. My first reaction was that I should give up learning singing. As it is, it will require more than loads of efforts and a miracle to make a singer out of me, so why was I persisting in my efforts? Then came the thought that for me it is a therapy and fulfillment of a childhood desire and I must not give up.

My only fear is that the experience should not turn out to be a disaster like this.

On a hopeful note I pray that my learning will turn out to be as melodious as this song

My next lap of the healing and therapy with music will be possible with the tremendous support of my teacher and my family. I thank them for being there for me.