Friday, August 10, 2012

                          and the yearning continues........

                         In the little breeze
                                 which blows a wisp of hair
                                                in the eyes
                         In the turn of the head
                                  of the ancient wizened woman gazing
                                                at giggling bright girls
                         I see you, feel you, love you
                         The Creator at its best, 
                         and the yearning continues......

                        In the sound of an old forgotten melody
                                 and the pink periwinkles
                                            swaying in the northern wind
                        Which brings the smell of burning wood
                                 of junipers and wet pine cones
                       When a long forgotten voice whispers
                                 soft words 
                                            and a tear drops out
                       like an unwanted broken toy
                       The Creator's love.....
                       I see you. feel you, love you
                       and the yearning continues......

                      Its your omnipresence which
                                pervades all senses and
                                              drives out the hopelessness of the
                      existence of mundane routine life
                      and the yearning continues.......

One more step towards healing and music - music of beautiful past memories, of nature, of mountains, of rivers , of flowers. My visit to Kashmir has healed something and also created a fresh yearning...a desire for restoration of beauty, love and peace.


The shadows grow longer
of the claws of despair
taking roots, digging deep
like the lost smile of a beloved

welcoming the twilight
the soothing comfortable night
hiding the pain in its darkness
camouflaging the fake light

notwithstanding the immenseness
of the majestic unwavering heights
the easy vacillation of form and content
conspiring with the light, beguiling the senses
to deaden the sound of truth
extending deep into the night…….