Monday, November 12, 2012

Experience of Reiki Detoxification

As a Reiki teacher and healer I had seen some symptoms of detoxification happening in my students but in my class held in Bangalore on 1st Oct 2012, Mugdha Deshpande went through an amazing detox process.

Mugdha deshpande is bright and beautiful with sparkling intelligent eyes. She is one of lucky ones to have found her love of life in her loving husband. Her daughter came to her bringing in loads of challenge, both at mental and emotional levels. Battling with a series of complicated medical problems, the true grit and tenacity of her little girl had given immense strength to her to be hopeful and fight. What got lost in the entire process was her love and care for herself and emotional drifting from her husband. Bravely she bottled up all the pain and focused completely on giving all her strength to her daughter. 

As her attunement for first level of Reiki began, tears started pouring out of her eyes and it continued for the next 2 hours of practising Reiki. Mugdha sobbed all her pain out through her tears, letting go of all the bottled up anxiety and grief.

She is my guest writer today and tells her story in her own words.

My daughter and I just got back to Bangalore after her second surgery and life was coming to normalcy, the surgery suture marks on her body were as fresh as the brushes it gave me and my husband in our hearts. Parents have to be the stronger entity of the equation called as family. 

Every day was a new day for us, comforting her, giving a emotional support when the three year old  complained of pain in her knee everytime she had some discomfort in walking.She was too small to even learn what pain actually means in any form. Every time I saw her in pain, I felt so helpless.

We, mother daughter had a history of medical issues together. My daughter was a pre mature and her survival was a question but when the almighty decides everything works out and my blessed baby survived the most difficult times in her life when she was 7 and half months old. She underwent an open heart surgery which went around for roughly 7 hrs. She fought back and survived proving that there was some super power helping her all the time. Every time she suffered, every time she was pricked with needles when she was under the scalpel, it gave me a lot of pain emotionaly and left me with number of wounds in my heart.
I was tired of carrying those unhealed incidents of my life. The world around me was full of concern and sympathy for us but I did not need that. What I wanted was to be restored to my original state of mind which I had lost almost 3 years back. My husband and I kept walking through all the tough times and communication gaps had crept in between us. We liked being in our own shells and lived each day as it came. We didn’t even realize when we had changed from just a Couple to a set of parents without feeling the joy of becoming parents.

It took me time to change my perspective towards her medical history papers. We did not travel without her medical papers as we felt safe to have them with us. Since she has a lot of metallic elements installed in her body we needed them as a proof. They almost occupied 1-2 kgs in my bag. They are like a big spiral binded book of almost more than 200 pages. But this time when had to go to Bangalore all of a sudden along with my husband we did not carry any of her medical papers along I felt like why I have to carry this all the time whats the fear about it..

Now when she is scanned at the Airports for security and when the machine beeps after coming close to her we smile … she has around 5 metalic wires which were used to perform the closing ceremony of her heart surgery  and 2 titanium plates which are fitted inside her knees for her deformity correction. I feel proud of my daughter that she has handled so much at this tender age.

Until I met my Reiki master the medical papers were so much of a burden in my bags and now the positive change in me is that I consider each page of the reports as a letter of appreciation for my little one, from every doctor who treated her. Every paper in the file now appears to me as if saying, “look kiddo you are doing good everyday”.

When I was attuned for my Level one Reiki, I religiously did self healing on my 24 points for 72 mins. I had heavy detoxification in the form of tears, I have cried endlessly for 21 days. With every tear falling out I have practically left behind each incident which hurt me in the past. I forgave everyone with whom I was angry for very long; it is all past for me now.

Physically I had minor issues of acidity, back pain, leg pain etc., they hardly exist now. My way of living has changed and is changing and will keep changing. Reiki is a lifetime ongoing learning process of life. Its an amazing gift to humanity from the Almighty. We are a small particle(Ansh) of the super power and someday each one in this life should get enlightened and realize the purpose of his/her being.I was blessed with this enlightenment once when I met my Guru and second time when I was attuned by Ranjani didi.Life looks sorted out now to a very good extent I don’t have the control over my life but I am certainly in the driving seat when it comes to me.I have a control on myself today. If I have tears in my eyes I never question why I have to cry, instead I say that it’s good that I am crying and expressing my pain. The water from my eyes washes away all the wrong notions I have about something and when I am done crying, I have a new way to look at life in a completely different way altogether.

Reiki came to my life like a Self help healing tool when I had lost all hopes and I just wanted to put and end to everything happening around my daughter.

Reiki is a process the super power initiates when you want to help yourself first, its a guiding finger to which one can anchor on to reach one’s completion.

Today When I get up every day it’s a new sunrise for me.I am happy to start my day forgetting what happened yesterday.Reiki has added a few extra watts of energy to life. No more sulking around for what has gone or not there. I just smile, waiting to see what’s next in store for me.


  1. Dear Ranjini Madam,

    It's very touching to know this story. I remember what you said to me once - When we do Reiki, do not demand or expect results, just do Reiki, it knows the best to be done for you & after some time we see things falling in place on their own. I believe Detoxfication of our physical body, mental and emotional environment is a very regular phenomenon if we do Reiki with sincere thoughts - i.e. just follow 5 Principles of Reiki in our daily life - it transforms our life like anything. I may not have called you in a year or mailed you even once, but I thank you daily for being my Reiki Guide.

    Looking back, I never thought of being a serious Reiki follower, but as you told, things fall in place with Reiki & we can see it, fell it as we look back tracking the events. Many thanks for being my Reiki Guide. Kind Regards/Sukhdev

  2. Dear Ranjini Maam,
    I am so pleased to have read these testimonials. And feel blessed to have you as my company everyday.

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