Monday, January 22, 2018

When a move comes in your life without your initiation then it is a sign from the Universe to move ahead resolving all obstacles with a calm faith, focusing on what you need to do in every minute rather than worrying about the whys and hows.
Mostly people would like to believe that as they grow older they have learnt and reached a  point where they know the best. Their belief system consists of what they imbibed from parents, schooling system, religion, community etc. and some what they realised while facing life experiences. This leads to being in a comfort zone and any event or situation which comes along to challenge them is either pushed away, ignored or overpowered with the existing beliefs.
To be able to get the best out of a change is to zoom out to look at the outcomes in the larger perspective and how it will affect their journey finally. The short term gains can be very very tempting and most of us fall for that. If we take a pause and reflect upon what we are doing and the long term effect of our actions in the light of the sudden change, we are sure to understand the larger picture.
Just be in the moment, face the realities as they are and use your choice for the action as per the guidance coming from within. Focus on your Heart chakra and take a decision with love, first for yourself and then for the Universe.