Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The weave of life

In the all 'knowing-ness of the heart', the essence of the weave of life remains beyond reach when the connection is not established. Either we remain questioning, wondering, pondering or sulking with the movement of the play of events or totally unaware of the layers.

Complete surrender with the heart is of utmost importance to achieve bliss. This can be as easy as breathing, if we are connected to our inner self. If not then every darkness and challenge seems like it has come to destroy you permanently. It is the process through which we become wiser and move ahead.

One example which my Reiki teacher, Mr. Surinder Makkar used to give was that if we look at the other or the wrong side of an embroidery piece, we see threads all tangled up, the design unclear and chaos.

Life is like that, we see the unpleasantness, disappointments and the ugliness. This is just one side of the picture. Within this chaos, the beauty of  life emerges as the right side of the embroidery revels in the revelation of the art work.

That moment of knowing-ness comes in the roller-coaster ride of life. Sharing a few lines I wrote in one of the 'time and space', where one realises and is in bliss.

The wet fingers
of despair
the clammy touch
of disappointment
dark clouds of sadness
why why why
then the crack of the dawn 
of sunshine of hope
appears in the horizon
of my soul.
With it's dazzling conviction
to spread light, joy and wisdom
in the heart and mind
and I tell myself
All Is Well !!

This sense of well being also gets ignited by music. This song always brings in that moment of peace.