Saturday, March 13, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel....

The first experience with Reiki was forgotten as I got on with my life in the year 2000. My colleague who is a Reiki Master offered to teach me Reiki but I was not ready for any such programmes. My self confidence in my ability to lead a healthy life without any support, was at its peak.
Rini was born in November 2000 and I was busy with my post-delivery-recuperation. Calamity struck on 26th Jan 2001, the earthquake which hit Gujarat at 7.40 am (Bhuj was the epicenter), shattered my equanimity completely. I had picked up my two months old infant and literally flown out of the third floor apartment in a ten-storied building. The stairs were coming up at an angle of 45 degrees. It lasted for almost one minute but had seemed like ages then. We spent the whole day on the roads in our car, not daring to go back to the apartment. The sight of the cracked, crooked and collapsed buildings will remain etched in my memory forever.
I always considered myself as a brave person and was not scared of anything. The earthquake and the after-shocks completely paralyzed me. I began suffering from insomnia and acute anxiety.
The year 2001 saw the nightmarish WTC attack on nine-eleven. Following year we had the Gujarat riots in February. This just made the matters worse for me. Life seemed like an unending sequence of calamities, either man made or natural. I lost all appetite, sleep and peace of mind. Being a mother there were two small children to be taken care of, apart from the regular home management. All this began to take a toll on my health and I started losing weight. I couldn’t sleep, eat or function with my usual high energy, then began the panic attacks. The first time it happened I thought I was having a heart attack. Repeated visits to the doctor and all kinds of medical checkup did not solve the problem.
On the way back from one such visit I needed to climb up to my third floor apartment as both the lifts were out of order. On the first floor I sat down on the steps to catch my breath; climbing stairs with my one and half year old daughter in my arms was tiring. My gaze fell on a green door with words ‘Aashirwad Healing Centre’. I still don’t know what attracted me, the soothing green or the word healing and I rang the bell. The door was promptly opened by a gentleman with kind twinkling eyes, who welcomed me with a smile. In that moment he seemed like Santa Claus to me. I followed him to the counseling room and sat at a table across him. This impulsive behavior was completely bewildering, even to me! What followed was quite amazing. I poured my heart out to him and found it ever so easy to tell him all that was happening to me. He did not utter a single word throughout my monologue. I ended up bursting into tears and wanting to die rather than live in fear of unknown all the time.
At last he spoke and his words were like soothing balm to the fire-ravaged. He diagnosed me as a victim of post-trauma-stress-disorder, apparently quite common when one is subjected to prolonged situations of extreme fear and stress….earthquake/riot. The suppression of these feelings were now manifesting in me with these scary “symptoms”, so to say. He offered two to three days healing for the problem. Suddenly I realized that I didn’t know what kind of healing he was offering. When he said the word ‘Reiki healing’, I was stunned. Something happened in that moment and I realized that this was destiny working its wondrous ways for me, bigtime! I told him about my first contact with Reiki and my healer’s intuitive insistence that I should learn Reiki.
After that what happened was no less than a certified miracle. For me, meeting my Sir, Mr Surinder Singh Makker was like the manifestation of the proverbial angel sent down by the Almighty for my salvation. The angel who showed me that ever so elusive ‘light at the end of a dark and scary tunnel’.
Thank you Sir……………


  1. Thank you for the kind words. But thank yourself before thanking me. I think you are giving me more credit than is due. The universe 'conspires' to fulfil our desires anyway - so someone else would have stepped in when you were ready; had I not been there. I too am on my own journey which would have been kind of incomplete without students like you.

    So Thank You,
    I am all that I am,

  2. With due respect to what you have said Sir, I would like to thank you again...........

  3. This is amazing!!
    Kudos to Sir..n Am glad its Sir who taught us Reiki..

  4. Each of us leave a mark on others around us. It is but natural to thank everybody who we have come in contact with. Thank you all....

    And, finally, ke sara sara, whatever will be will be....


  5. Fascinating dear ranjani!!! and probably not so easy to share!!! thanx for taking your courage into your hands and doing so... this will help a lot of people!!!