Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Music heals.......

Melodious, mesmerizing, joyful, inspiring, soothing, lilting, assuaging, uplifting, harmonizing, rejuvenating.....I can go on and on about Music.....

Music is for fun, expression of joy, for spiritual awakening and......
Music heals.....

When I think of my formative years, I remember the ubiquitous Bollywood music blaring out of radios everywhere. The pure melody and the romantically philosophical lyrics would take me to a place beyond the 'noise' of daily life. One of my favourite numbers is

मैं ज़िंदगी का साथ निभाता चला गया, हर फिक़्र को धुएँ में उड़ाता चला गया
बर्बादियों का शोक मनाना फ़िज़ूल था, बर्बादियों का जश्न मनाता चला गया
जो मिल गया उसीको मुक़द्दर समझ लिया, जो खो गया मैं उसको भुलाता चला गया
गम और खुशी में फ़र्क़ ना महसूस हो जहाँ, मैं दिल को उस मकाम पे लाता चला गया

The lyrics primarily refer to 'celebration of life'.

There was always an intense desire to learn music since childhood and it came true when I was in Dhaka in 2006. I began learning Hindustani classical and Rabindrasangeet. While practising the 'shuddha swaras' of Raag Bilawal, the connection between the 7 swaras and the 7 major chakras became very clear to me. Every note set the various chakras vibrating and facilitated removal of blocks through a smoother flow of energy.

Initially I thought that It was my imagination working overtime and then I began looking for more information on this.

During my quest I came across the following link which allows one to hear the notes connected to each chakra.

The release of some of my major blocks and the opening up of my third eye took me to a higher plane of intuition and existence.

Music heals........

When asked about his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein said: "It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception."

As Dr. John Diamond states: "To me, as to Pythagoras, music is not merely entertainment or amusement...but therapy...for actuating...the healing power that exists within us all: Life Energy."

So, dear readers revel, rock, enjoy and heal your body, mind and soul.....all you need to do is listen to Music and allow it to seep within you........