Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The throat chakra or the fifth chakra signifies bringing of higher communicative information through to this earth plane. Communication not only means the spoken word, but any type of communication: email, poetry, sculpture, teaching, singing etc.
The past 10 years of Reiki practice has opened up or energized the throat chakra and I have moved on in my journey of expression or communication. Thanks to my dear friend Geetali Tare, poetry has come back into my life. The play of words coming from the depths of within, dancing to the music of the Universe and adding a spring to my walk of  life. The seeking of that perfect unison with the source of energy through living, singing, dancing, raging, loving, frustrating, expressing….……

वह एक दिन
जो क्षितिज पर
आवाज़ देता सा
वह एक दिन
सामने कर पूछता है
अब क्या ?
उस दिन को जी लूं
उसके बाद क्या ?
उस दिन के उजाले
और दिनों में कहाँ ?
इन उजालों अंधियारों के पार
मिलो तो....
जवाब फैलें हैं मीलों तक .......

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hey people!! This is Anwesha Mitra writing after quite a long time! If you can believe it, I lost my blog (again) for the second time and I decided just to write this in my mother’s blog as a guest instead of making a new one. 

This is a poem I wrote in school for an English assignment. It wasn’t really appreciated in the school but here, I know it will be.

When I started this poem, I felt confused
“How do I write this poem?” I mused.
The feelings that came out from me,
I could hardly notice a flea!
It came and sat on my nose,
Buzzzz it goes
Its anger I felt when I saw it on me,
“How will I get rid of this flea?”
My feelings changed rapidly,
As it flew away,“Yeah!!!” I screamed!

Happiness and Relief.
Two feelings I need,
To feed on with greed!
A teacher passes by,
“I need to finish this poem! I’m out here own my own!!”
Before she could say anything
I explained to her while nodding.

Time passes by,
To rhyme this poem I try and try.
Who knew?that from excitement,
My feelings turn to anger
But I stayed out here longer
“I need to get this done!’
“This rhyming isn't fun!”
My feelings turn raw,
For in this poem, there's a flaw!
This is the longest poem I ever wrote,
My feelings change! And I quote,
“I hereby finish this poem with a
Change of heart, that how
Feelings change that fast!!”

Anwesha Mitra